Gema Arquero Perfil

Gema Arquero Ortiz

Class 2022

Class 2022

SAT: (not taken)
TOEFL: (not taken)

Madrid – Spain

GPA: 3.1

Scouting Report

Gema Arquero is a young, promising athlete, who has been making good progress and reaching her expected goals over the past few years.

Gema is a determined and conscientious student and athlete. She always strives to achieve excellent results both in and out of the pool, consistently maintaining excellent school grades and improvements to her artistic swimming results.

Gema belongs to the generation of young and talented Spanish swimmers who are part of the Spanish National Team (U18, U17 and U16 )

Gema is honest, reliable and punctual with an outstanding work ethic. She is respectful towards her teachers and coaches and enjoys being part of a team.

She has a good sense of humor and enjoys connecting with her peers during school and swim training. These qualities would make Gema an exceptional addition to any college team as there is no doubt she would continue this high standards throughout college.

Gema trains very hard, is mentally strong, and feels ready to move into her next step as a student-athlete in the US.

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Personal Message

My name is Gema Arquero and I’m from Madrid, Spain.

I started with artistic swimming at the age of 8, having previously practiced swimming since I was little. Few years later, at the age of 10, I entered in Real Canoe Swimming Club where I was able to start my first national competitions. Since I started with artistic swimming and thanks to my club, I have been taught the importance in teamwork and I believe is something I have very present in my day to day. At the age of 12, I was chosen to enter in the technification center of Madrid, where I have been able to train and learn from professional workers. Over the 6 years I have stayed there, I believe I have been able to improve widely in all the technical aspects based on my hard work and daily dedication.

After a lot of effort in the 2016-2017 season, I was able to enter the National Team (age under 16), were I competed in my first International Competition, the Comen Cup, in Portugal. I competed in figures, were I achieved the 19th place, and in the free team and free combination, we achieved the first place, ending up with two gold medals.

The next season, 2017-2018, I repeated my experience with the Under 16 National Team, and I participated in the Comen Cup, in Sevilla. That year, apart from getting two gold medals in the free team and combination, I was also able to obtain a third gold medal, participating in the free duet.

Once I was in the Junior category, in the 2018-2019 season, after a lot of hard work I joined the Junior National team. That year I participated in the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series in Kazan were I obtained a gold medal in the team free. I also participated in the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series in Barcelona were I won a bronze medal. Lastly for that season, I traveled to Prague to participate in the European Junior Championship were I obtained two bronze medals in the free team and the technical team, and the silver medal in the free combination.

In the 2019-2020 season, I was going to participate in the European and World Junior Championships with the National team, however due to Covid-19 all championships were cancelled and I wasn’t able to compete. Despite the situation I was still able to participate in national competitions and achieve individual goals I had.

This 2020-2021 season, I have participated in the Virtual FINA Artistic Swimming World Series of USA were I have obtained two gold medals with the Free Combination and Highlight routine. On the other hand, I obtained two silver and one gold medal participating in the Virtual FINA Artistic Swimming World Series of Canada, were I did the free team and duet, and the free combination routines. Finally, I travelled to Malta to participate in the European Junior Championship. This was my biggest competition were I was able to demonstrate all of my hard work throughout the years. I obtained 5 bronze medals, in the technical team, free team, technical duet and free duet. And 1 silver medal in the Highlight routine.

During the season I also compete in National Competitions, such as the one that happened from the 09/07/2021 till the 11/07/2021, were I was able to obtain gold medals in the technical duet, free duet and solo routines, and silver medals in the free and technical team and the Free combination routines.

As a swimmer I think I can stand out because of my technique which something that I have been working on all over the years. As well as, the way I have of seeing things in a team. I consider myself a very persistent person who works hard to achieve my goals.

Apart from artistic swimming, I have also done different activities such as basketball, gymnastics, chess and piano classes which I have had to leave aside due to my absolute dedication to artistic swimming. Since I was a child, I have been taught the importance of sport and I have always had it present, adding up all the sacrifice that the high-level competition requires with studying at the same time and giving it the same importance. Artistic Swimming is now a part of me.

I believe that taking part of a USA Artistic Swimming team is the next step I need in order to continue growing as an athlete, student and person. It is something I am willing to do and truly wish.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Thank you.

Family Message

Hello, we are Javier and Gema, parents of Gema Arquero Ortiz.

Our middle daughter is a hardworking girl, constant, autonomous and quite sure of what she does.

The challenges that she sets are difficult to achieve, she is a great fighter until she achieves goals.

Gema grows in the face of adversity and difficulties; this makes her a strong and resilient young woman.

She loves doing jobs well done for herself and her peers.

Synchronized swimming occupies a very important place in his life from the age of 6; with this sport she has learned the most important values of life together with the love of his family.

We hope you continue to be happy in the United States with your new academic and sporting successes.

Greetings, Javier and Gema.

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