Berta Muguerza

Class 2022

Class 2022
Center Back – Defensive Midfielder

SAT: (not taken)
TOEFL: (not taken)

Pozuelo de Alarcon
Madrid – Spain

GPA: 3.86

Scouting Report

Berta sees the field and organizes the team. Her ability to read the game makes her very effective at playing through balls on to runners in behind the defense or stepping up to intercept passes and win tackles in midfield.

Berta is fast and strong and has a big presence on the field. She is highly regarded by her coaches and teammates for her competitive intensity and positive attitude in everything she does.

She’s a go-to playmaker on the field and a leader in the classroom too, with a 3.86 GPA. 

  • Long passes and left-footed shots on goal.
  • Versatility, because she can play in several positions on the pitch.
  • Headers, especially at corner kicks.
  • Good positioning and  good understanding of the game

Prospect as a glance


Personal Message

About Me

My family and I live in a small residential town on the outskirts of Madrid, the capital of Spain.

I’m the youngest in the house and I have an older brother who is 20 years old. He really likes sport and is always in a good mood. We get on very well and I’m his personal shopper, as I pick out his outfits for him every morning; he always asks me, “What should I wear today?” That’s why I’m told I have very good taste, as well as a nice character because I’m always there to help others.

Sport is fundamental in our family. My brother is very good at almost every sport. He plays soccer and paddle tennis and sometimes tennis too… My mother has always been a gym enthusiast and now she takes care of herself by going to zumba or Pilates several days a week. My father was a semi-professional basketball player in Spain. He played in the Real Madrid youth teams and now he plays for the veterans of the same club.

And now, a little about me. My passion is soccer, but also, thanks to sport, I have a lot of friends with whom I love spending time and doing different things. But I also like spending my weekends with my family and my grandparents, whom I love very much.

Another of my hobbies is music: I love flamenco, both singing and playing percussion, especially the flamenco cajón. I also really enjoy drawing. I love doing all styles of lettering and my friends always ask me to write their name in cool graffiti-like letters.

I must mention my enthusiasm for travelling and getting to know new places, cultures and customs in the different countries of the world. Every year, my family and I visit a new exotic destination; I find it really exciting.

I think I’m a strong person, very responsible, polite and respectful of other people.

I am a very good friend of my friends and I always try to help anyone who needs me, whether with schoolwork or personal matters.

Having the opportunity to live the experience of playing soccer and studying at an American University is undoubtedly one of my biggest dreams when I finish my last year of high school. I think it will help me to develop and grow both professionally and personally.


I have been playing sports since I was very young. As my brother was at home kicking a ball all day, when I was 5 years old I also joined the school soccer team, which, although mixed, was all boys. I also went to tennis and swimming lessons. When I was 7 years old, I started roller hockey and played for 3 years. In my last year, we won the league.

When I was 9 years old, I signed for my first women’s soccer club, CF Pozuelo, and played there until 2020. During that time, we won various tournaments, but without a doubt, the best title was the Madrid League Championship in the 2017-2018 season.

In 2016, I was named first captain of the team, which was a huge source of pride and responsibility for me. I have been captain since then and it makes me really happy, knowing that I am the extension of my coach on the pitch and in the dressing room and an important figure for all my team-mates. Today, I’m first captain at my current club, CD Getafe Femenino, which I joined in 2020. In that year we were league champions and also won the two national tournaments in which we took part.

The club is in the top youth league, and we are in fifth position in the standings.

Over the years, I have been to several soccer training camps during the summer months: 2016-2017 Campus Priscila Borja (Spanish Professional Player, Spanish International).

2017-2018 Manchester City Women’s Campus (in the city of Manchester, UK).

2018-2019 Manchester City Women’s Campus (in the city of Manchester, UK).

My favorite position on the pitch is defensive midfielder, although I can also play left center-back. I wear the number 4 in honor of my favorite player, Sergio Ramos, because I identify myself with him and he was also captain of the team I support: Real Madrid CF. Of course, now he plays for PSG in Paris, France.

My strengths are:

  • Long passes and left-footed shots on goal.
  • Versatility, because I can play in several positions on the pitch.
  • Headers, especially at corner kicks.
  • Good positioning, my usual positions (center-back and defensive midfielder) have given me a good understanding of the game and showed me how to position myself and my team-mates.



LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, German and basic French.

I am able to balance the effort required by my soccer training and games with my schoolwork. In general, I know how to manage my time efficiently.

At school, my marks have always been very good. I love learning new things and I am very demanding of myself, so I try for full marks in every exam.

My grades are very good and having soccer practice in the afternoons motivates me to work harder and try to get everything done earlier. Of course, this has helped me to excel at school.

I am organized, responsible, mature, hard-working, non-conformist, creative, disciplined, competitive and a perfectionist.

I suppose that some of these qualities are just the way I am. Others have been taught to me and I have learned many others through experiences in life, mainly from playing sports at a high level.

Soccer has made me strong, tough, determined but empathetic, observant and analytical.

I work well in a team, while not sacrificing my individuality, which makes me respected and admired academically.

For all these reasons, I think I have the right profile for the dual degree in Design + Advertising because, as I mentioned before, I love drawing and I’m happy to spend the day doing practical work in my notebooks. I’m also very interested in current affairs, advertisements, social media, creativity, marketing and everything associated with that. My whole family and both my parents have studied advertising and my brother is in the sector, so I am very familiar with it.

One of my academic strengths is public speaking. All the presentations I make to my classmates are a complete success and I have been chosen as spokesperson to represent my class on several occasions.

I don’t really have a favorite subject because I like all of them. Each one teaches me different things: mathematics, geography, literature, history, economics, philosophy and languages.


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