Alvaro Dominguez

Class 2023

Class 2023

SAT: 1.110

Las Rozas
Madrid – Spain

GPA: 3.54

Scouting Report

Álvaro Dominguez is a tall goalkeeper, with great coordination and speed when moving around the goal.

He reduces spaces quickly, is courageous in the air, and very good and fast when defending on his own in rival counter-attacks and one-to-one goal situations.

His leadership skills in the field are also to be highlighted.

Prospect as a glance


Personal Message

About Me

Dear Coach,

                As a soccer player in the second best league (Liga Nacional sub 19 RFEF, Group III) in my country, Spain. I would like to express my desire to continue playing at the highest possible level in College. My goal is to be part of a competitive team and play soccer as close to professionalism as possible while developing as a student.

I have played soccer for twelve years, keeping balls out of the goal since I was 9. For the last four months I have been training with my team as well as with the top team of Gimnástica Segoviana C.F. (Segunda División RFEF). This hard work has allowed me to debut in Liga Nacional, representing the Gimnástica Segoviana C.F. sub 19. My dedication and hard work are reflected in my achievements and skills and will reinforce my contribution to my college team.

While devoting hours to my team every day I maintained a 9.5/10 average during my two years as a Spanish Baccalaureate student (~3.8 GPA) and prepared for the SAT (my scores were 530 Verbal and 580 Math), achieving honor roll status in my class. This shows my ability to combine both sport and study while upholding standards for excellence.

Should you wish to consider me for your soccer program, please contact me by email ([email protected]). I will be happy to provide you with references from my coaches as well as supporting video footage and current season statistics via Matchapp.

I am grateful for your time and eager to join a team where I can make a difference.


Family Message

Introducing your own son is not easy, but I could say he is a restless spirit, working hard to find his own way as part of an increasingly changing world. Always interested in learning about everything around him, Álvaro has developed a deep learning ability. He has developed his own critical thinking, based on listening to and respecting others’ opinions.

He shows enormous creativity in Arts (drawing, writing, performing and dancing) and is a reliable friend, a natural leader when it comes to team work. Since early childhood he attended Escuela Walford, where he grew-up as a person learning the abilities he will need as an adult.

From a very early age he showed an interest in physical activities through games and activities addressed to improve his physical, social and emotional development. Álvaro started swimming at 6, competing in different championships from the age of 10 to 17. He also did some modern dance and hip-hop, and has been competing in his favorite sport, soccer, since he was 8.

He learned to play piano, creating his own melodies for a few years. He has also been keen on learning languages since he was very young and, after a 3-month exchange in Germany through Waldorf school when he was 15, he managed to communicate well in German and forged a lasting friendship with his German family.

I would say that Álvaro loves learning and being good at what he is learning. He graduated at High Schools with honors.

I remember him being 8, playing soccer probably for the first time, he played as a defender and wanted to try as goalkeeper. He did a one hand great save and he decided he wanted to be a goalkeeper forever. We have always considered that he has very good skills for playing in that position. He is very motivated now, playing the national under-19 league in Spain, working hard to improve his physical and technical skills and willing to become an student-athlete in the USA.


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